These days search engine use is a part of everybody’s everyday life. They help consumers find what they’re looking for regardless of how sure they are of what they’re looking for. Users can find the information they need whether they know exactly what they want or not. In fact search engines can help customers if they only have a partial idea of what they want, such as part of a company’s name, and even if they have no idea of where exactly they’re going to find what they need. When a search is made search engines use algorithms to find the websites that have content that best matches that search. Users usually get many pages of results, but most of the time they focus their selections on the first or first couple of result pages. In fact, a company can see better traffic if it is ranked higher and appears within the first few results. Search engine optimization and search engine marketing are two processes that can influence the visibility of a website and/or a web page in a search engine’s results. These strategies don’t necessarily guarantee customer conversion, but they are effective tactics that can be integrated to the overall marketing strategy to bring relevant content to a company’s intended audience and thus maximize conversion rates. We work together with every client to engineer the best strategy to increase traffic to their site. We get as much information as possible on the intended audience to develop strategies that can target it efficiently and effectively, whether organic or through paid search marketing.

Search engine optimization refers to methods that can be used to build and/or populate a website so that it is “selected” more often by search engines as a result for users’ search. Some of the factors that can influence optimization include having a well-built website with rich, relevant content, the use of specific keywords, on-page optimization, having good quality backlinks from relevant, reputable websites, business listings, and analytics. Some SEO firms rely on unethical ways to optimize sites so we focus on using ethical methods and white hat techniques so that our optimization results are not only effective, but also long lasting.

We invest a lot of time identifying the best ways to optimize each of our clients’ sites, and we use customized approaches that accurately reach our goals. SEO is not something that is done once and it keeps working forever, this is a process that requires constant attention so that it keeps yielding results, so we work with our clients on developing SEO strategies, and we also work on monitoring the effects of what we have implemented.

SEO is a great tactic to integrate to a company’s online marketing plan, but it is not always enough for every business and/or appropriate to use at a particular time in that firm’s growth cycle. Search engine marketing is in a similar category because it can be used to funnel traffic to a particular website, but unlike with SEO, there are costs associated to the tactics used. The cost of SEO is actually what a company pays the firm to do the SEO for them, but the actual methods used are not paid for. Search engine marketing is actually paid advertising and it includes methods such as pay-per-click campaigns, display/banner advertising, social media marketing, and remarking. Each method has specific characteristics and can be used with specific goals. Our designer and developer make sure that their plan is designed with focus on lead generation and/or branding. They decide which method to use based on careful analysis of who the ultimate target customer is. For example we can use some of these solutions to target our clients’ ideal customers while considering geographic location, demographics and/or psychographic elements, always aiming to maximize the quality of the leads generated.

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