There are different open source platforms available such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Locomotive and Magento to name a few. Each one of these platforms have characteristics that make them perfect for specific applications; for example, Wordpress is a great platform to use if a blog is needed, and Magento works best to meet the needs of E-commerce sites. This does not mean that a site that wants a blog can’t also sell products online; programmers have created different plugins and extensions that can add functionality and flexibility to CMS platforms to meet many needs.

Our designer and developer like working with open source solutions because of the benefits that our clients get out of these sites. These platforms make the admin side of sites intuitive and easy to use, so they can be involved in the growth process by being able to adjust copy and/or images, their blogs, all their content without needing to call somebody for every little change. Even though these platforms are readily available and very easy to use, we find that there are always cases where things can be improved by customizing these solutions for each client. Depending on each client’s needs we select the most applicable platform and use that as a starting point for our customization process, which is geared towards giving our clients a great solution with features selected just for them and that can help them reach their marketing goals.

There are also cases where none of the available platforms can be used as an adequate starting point, so we develop custom CMS solutions that can give our clients the functionality they need to bring their ideas and vision to reality.

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