There are many different systems and platforms available to improve an existing e-commerce site, or to add e-commerce to an existing business that is venturing into the online marketplace. It is important to know which platform, plug-in and/or extension is the right one to use as these are not one size fits all business solutions… there are cases where the most robust platform available is not the best choice for a particular business when it doesn’t result in the speed and smooth transactions needed to keep customers satisfied.

User experience is of particular relevance when talking about e-commerce, so our designers and developers use the same design and planning strategy they use in other areas. Any platform used needs to be geared towards the intended audience as different people shop in different ways. Secure shopping is not the only consideration we need to have. The effectiveness, responsiveness, and usability of an e-commerce site can influence user conversion and retention; customers need to be able to navigate the site with ease and go through the selection and purchase process quickly and effortlessly. We make sure our solutions are visually appealing, intuitive to the user, and incredibly responsive.

In addition to working with our customers to make sure their audience has the best shopping experience possible, we work with them to make sure that they can manage and administer the site with ease. We also know that businesses needs change over time, so we provide scalable platforms so that the site and its solutions can be adapted to growth without our clients worrying about having to constantly changing their systems. We work closely with our clients to determine exactly what their e-commerce needs are so that we can use the most cost effective system that can best serve those needs.


We develop custom e-commerce solutions and we also integrate solutions such as Presta Shop, Magento, X-Cart and Woo Commerce among others to power the online shops we build due to their seamless integration, power and user-friendly interface tailored to the need of each project. We adhere to PCI compliance regarding security and facilitate other measures beyond PCI compliance.

We are experienced and extremely comfortable integrating:

  • Payment Gateways
  • Variable sales tax
  • Inventory and third-party tracking
  • Product variations
  • Pricing models
  • Dynamic shipping and tracking via UPS, FedEx, or USPS

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